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Random Orders

You will need to decide what specifications (if any) you need for the stones in your order. The least expensive order is a random order. A "RANDOM" order is one where the only requirement that you specify is the total weight of the shipment. We choose good solid stones to make up the total weight of your order. "RANDOM" just means you do not have a choice in the individual weight, color or shape of the pieces of stone in your order.

The minimum weight of pieces in a "RANDOM'' order is about 15 pounds while the maximum weight is about 200 pounds. The maximum weight of the pieces we ship will vary with the overall weight of the shipment.

The "RANDOM" category order is the most economical, but many of our customers have needs that require them to specify the weight, the color, or the shape of the stones that we send.

Random Pricing

Random Shapes, Weights & Color

1 - 145 lbs.... $1.50 lb. (UPS / FedEx orders)

146 - 499 lbs....... $. 60 lb.

500 - 1999 lbs..... $ .50 lb.

2000 - 4999 lbs..... $ .45 lb.

5000 lbs. & over.... $ .40 lb.

Specified Orders

The "SPECIFIED" category lets the customer be sure to get the size, color, or shape stone that they need and not end up with stones that are too big, too small, the wrong color or the wrong shape for a particular use. The most common "SPECIFIED" order is where the customer needs to limit the weight range of the pieces. For example, they may be teaching a class and order all of the pieces to be between 30 and 60 pounds each. If you specify weight, we add $.10 per pound to the "RANDOM" price of the stone.

Another "SPECIFIED" category is color. Sometimes the customer would like to get stones in each of the 3 colors, or perhaps need only one color for a specific use. If you specify color, we add $.10 per pound to the price of the stone. If you specify both weight and color, then both 10cent per pound additional charges apply, for a total additional charge of 20 cents per pound.

Specified Pricing

Specified Weight - min. & max............... add .10 lb.

Pieces Under 15 lbs. Each................add .25 lb.

All weights may vary 20%

Specified Color - pink, white or gray....... add .10 lb.

All Colors vary in intensity.

For Specified Shape .......add minimum .10 lb.*

*Please call for quote.

Specified Shapes

When the customer needs a specific shape, their needs often vary a great deal. Because all shapes are not as common or easy to find, the additional price per pound varies with the shape specified. Shapes that must be sawed, such as tall or very thin shapes, are more expensive than bulky shapes. Blocks sawed to exact dimensions are the most expensive shapes. You can approximate the weight of a sawed block, in pounds, by multipling the number of cubic inches in the block by .0868. Because of these differences, you should call or email me about any special shapes that you need.

Large Sizes

Our alabaster is available in sizes from small fist size up to pieces that weigh several thousand pounds each. Alabaster weighs 150 lbs. per cubic foot. Because of faults that occur naturally in the stone, very large pieces that are free of major faults and are suitable for sculpture, are more rare than small pieces. If the piece you need is more than 500 pounds, call or email me to see about availability and price.

Scrap Orders

When the stone comes out of the quarry, it must be prepared before it is ready to be sculpted. Sawing, splitting and chiseling the stones produces many pieces that fall below the 15 pound limit for random orders. When they are too small, they are set aside for "SCRAP". The pieces reserved for "SCRAP", may be perfectly sound, but just on the small side or they may need to be re-split into smaller pieces to make them solid enough to carve. The weight range for "SCRAP" pieces is 1 to 15 pounds, perfect for school projects. The "SCRAP" category is excellent for customers who need a large amount of small pieces. The price for "SCRAP" is $.25 per pound. The minimum "SCRAP" order is 500 pounds and there is no sorting for size, shape or color.

Scrap Pricing

Unsorted 1 - 15 lb. pieces..... $ .25 lb.

(500 lb. min. for scrap orders only)




Italian Alabaster


The typical shapes of these boulders are compact and somewhat rounded. We have in a wide variety of sizes up to 300+ lbs. each.

Boulders.....$2.00 lb.


We have pre-cut round cylinders in the following sizes:

Approximate Size and Weight

10" dia. x 5" high - 37 lbs......$3.60 lb. SOLD OUT

12" dia. x 6" high - 64 lbs......$3.60 lb. SOLD OUT

13" dia. x 7" high - 86 lbs......$4.00 lb.


Shipping Charges


We have extensive experience in finding the most economical and convenient means to ship your order to you. Freight charges are established by the specific carrier that picks up your order. Their charges reflect the weight of the shipment and how far away from us you are located. Since each company sets it's own rates we use our computer to search several companies for the best rates to your location.

UPS/FedEx is usually the most convenient way to ship small orders.They are also the most economical way to ship orders of up to about 150 pounds.Small orders are packed in corrugated boxes and filled with packing peanuts. The maximum stone weight per box is 145 pounds. UPS/FedEx delivers right to your doorstep.

Truck companies (common carrier) are the most economical way to ship orders of 200 pounds or more. Large orders to be shipped by truck are strapped onto wooden pallets so they can be moved by fork-lift. When the truck delivers your order, they will park in the street in front of your location. You must provide the fork-lift or man power to unload the stone! A lift gate can be arranged for additional cost in most locations.

"Prior notification" by the truck company 24 hours before delivery, is available to allow you to make arrangements to unload your order. Transit time for truck shipments is usually between 2 and 6 working days. I can notify you at the time of shipment to allow more time for you to get ready for the arrival of your order. Let me know if you need "Prior notification".

If you do not want to unload the stone yourself, "Inside delivery" is often available, but the cost may be substantial.

Call me about freight rates and I can give you a very close estimate right over the phone.

UPS/FedEx charges

are paid by the customer in advance of shipment.

Truck Freight charges

are paid by the customer to delivering carrier at time of delivery.

Call us for shipping rates.

Handling Charges

Boxing... 70 lbs. & under $5.00

Boxing .........over 70 lbs. $7.50

Palleting charge...............$7.50

( Up to1000 lbs. per pallet )

Ordering stone

When you order stone from us, we will try to help you get the best stone for your needs at the best price that we can. Some of our customers have been ordering from us for over 30 years. They keep coming back because they get good stone at a good price.

All of the stones for "RANDOM" and "SPECIFIED" orders must pass our quality standards before they are shipped. We hand select and "sound out" each stone to be sure they are reliable and as free of faults as possible. We're not happy until we get a nice "ring" out of each piece we tap. To get the stone to that point takes a lot of sawing, splitting, and chiseling. We maintain high standards for the quality of the stone that we sell, because we know how important it is to our customers.

If you are a Stone Distributor, please call for a price quote.




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